Samsung S4 Mini Review

Samsung S4 Mini comes after last year's introducing of Galaxy S3 Mini. Many critics considered that it was an imprudent move to use an appendix "mini" with one of their top models. Also, some of them thought that it was the wrong nickname for a device with completely different characteristics. At the end, it turned out that S3 Mini was a complete success and most of the buyers weren't bothered at all with the word "mini".

This year, Samsung is using the same tactics all over. After the launch of the best selling Android in history, the Galaxy S4, Samsung introduces its "mini" version. This time the screen seize is lower compared to its big brother, from 5,0'' to 4,3'', the processor again loses two cores, while RAM goes from 2 GB to 1,5 GB. The screen resolution is lowered and the camera sensor is also reduced, which resulted in lowering the price of the mobile phone. The things that remained practically the same are device's design and the quality of the phone as expected with any Samsung.

Samsung S4 Mini is a direct successor of the last year's Galaxy S3 Mini and it should be treated like one. The S3 mini was one of the best selling phones of last year in the UK with a number of fans.

The advantages of S4 Mini are the quality of workmanship, compactness and low weight, hardware and its performance, excellent camera and replaceable battery, while the only disadvantage is lack of HD screen.

If you already own a Samsung S3 mini then upgrading to the S4 mini offers a number of advances. Better hardware and bigger screen when comparing with S3 Mini as well as 4G connectivity and better quality photo capability. There is no doubt that this model will be an instant hit for Samsung this year, with many users preferring its smaller size and exceptional hardware in a casing that enables comfortable one-handed operation.

This excellent entry level phone is great for anyone wanting to get there first contract. This is also a good option for anyone with bad credit looking for a phone that can offer them everything a top quality Smartphone can. Mobile contracts for the S4 Mini are available from all leading UK networks. Pay monthly for the S4 mini on a 24 month contract today.

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