Getting a Phone Contract with No Credit Checks

Looking for a mobile contract with no credit checks being carried out on you? Well now you can, here we provide you with help in wide selection of mobile contracts if you have bad credit or don’t want to be credit checked. Having poor credit often restricts the type of contract you can go for but with a wide selection of mini, budget focused Smartphone’s coming on to the market we are sure with our help you can find something to suit your needs. If you care looking for a no credit check option and a phone contract your options are going to even further restricted.

We promote a number of mobile networks that offer great deals on budget Smartphone’s. Our most popular networks are Orange and T-Mobile with a high percentage of people getting approved on a new mobile contract with them at the moment. However these are usually contracts priced below the £30 per month bracket and often on cheaper, older handsets. We advise people with bad credit to only apply for contract below £30 per month and on handsets that are at least 6 month old. This way you will get a higher approval rate.

IPhone contracts often have the highest rejection rates. This is because the phone cost so much for the network to issue. Therefore we advise no one without the best credit score to apply for an IPhone contract. If you have your heart set on an IPhone and you do suffer from credit issues then you will need to start off on a SIM only contract, build up some credit and trust with a network and try to upgrade internally rather than applying direct.

Currently in the UK no credit check contract are available from the network know as Shebang. However these contracts are not that well suited to the bad credit market as they are often over priced costing well above our £30 per month price limit. Plus they offer a very limited selection of phones. Other networks will credit check you but for the saving and quality of phone you will get from a conventional mobile network we thing it is worth the risk to apply with the more conventional networks.

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