IPhone 5C Review

The iPhone 5C of course comes in 5 colours to choose from, and toping up the colour with a plastic casing which even allows the colour underneath it to show. This makes the iPhone 5C stand completely out from the crowd. You can now get this sophisticated gadget in UK, the leading network companies are currently offering pay monthly contracts  with lots of enticing iPhone 5C deals and tariffs.

With a 16 GB and a 32GB capacity option and A6 chip, you can expect the iPhone 5C to execute functions in the fastest time you could only recently imagine. Now it’s here with the slim sleek iPhone 5C with 13 LTE bands, the biggest number in the Smartphone market meaning no other Smartphone currently outdoes this innovation when it comes to upload and download speeds.

The iPhone 5C of course comes well equipped with the powerful 8MP iSight camera, which delivers sharp photo quality. This is made possible with features like the five element lens and panorama, which lets you get amazing high resolution shots of big crowds or structures. This camera goes on to take HD video footage using its Face Time HD lens improved illumination. Then of course to top up the high end hardware is the iOS7 which is truly simplified interface as expected from any Apple product.

There are dozens of iPhone 5C deals and tariffs offered by leading UK communication firms like T-Mobile, Virgin and Orange. Get 1 GB free data with a monthly plan of £33 from Vodafone and enjoy browsing and updates of all your favourite applications. Orange Mobile has plans ranging from £42 per month with 3GB unlimited data. T-Mobile on the other hand offers a similar price package but with unlimited MB data. These deals also include unlimited texts and more than 500 minutes of talk time. All prices cover a minimum of 24 months on these networks and apply to published offers on Pay Monthly connections.

However one of the biggest let downs of this phone has to be its price range. This was sold to the public as a cheaper alternative to the 5S, this is not the case with its price range being only £80 lees than the 5S. People hoping to get this as an entry level phone will be disappointed, bad credit customers should avoid apply  for this phone and look for a cheaper alternative.

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