About us

OKMobiles.Com is a website aimed to helping people with bad credit make informed decision on what contract to apply for. Today a lot of people are finding it harder to get approved on a new mobile phone contract. This is due to a number of reasons that most consumer don’t see. As the prices of modern handsets raise so does the rejection rates with the networks.

Read our guides of how to get a better chance of approval and which type of contract and networks get the best approvals with our customers.

Our Guides

  • Choose a Phone

    Are you being refused a mobile contract? Well it could be the phone your selecting. Find out how to increase you chance of approval. Click here.

  • SIM Only Option

    SIM only contracts have always been the best way to start a new mobile contract. Now they are avaliable without credit checks. Click here.

  • How to Apply

    Find out which network is the best to apply to right now. See which networks our customers are having the best approval rates with. Click here.